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 Post subject: Hillary Clinton
PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:26 am 
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So what is this woman really suffering from?

If we're not allowed to discuss politics or what's going on in the real world, please delete this thread. I'm not totally sure of the rules.

I've been wanting to see a woman President of the USA for a long time. There are so few other important women leaders in the world. Angela Merkel (Germany's President for one).

I live in the USA as my name proposes, however, I see Hillary Clinton as a liar. Her people have dealt so much in deception it's pathetic. There is a woman running for president - Jill Stein. She's a psychologist, a sociologist, as well as an anthropologist.

Myself, I care so much about others. Mental Health therapy is so important to so many, this day and age, when there is so much corruption, not just in politics, but with friends and family. But I digress.

What is going on with Hillary Clinton? First we hear
She has a cold.
Then a bad cough.
Then she passes out at the 9/11 ceremony.
Then we hear she's fine.
Then we hear she was diagnosed with pneumonia the day before. (Yet she attended a fund raiser in her honor by Barbara Streisand). And then she collapses at Ground Zero in NYC


Why would she attend a fundraising campaign the day she's announced with pneumonia (if that's what she has). And if she has pneumonia, why would she hug a little girl for a photo-op when she could transmit a disease to a little girl?

Oh, we live in such a sad age. I hate being lied to.


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 Post subject: Re: Hillary Clinton
PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:51 am 
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I have to say I only just saw this post.. We do not mind you being Political, but maybe calling someone a 'Liar' is a bit strong.. Particularly when you consider the things said by Trump...

Put yourself in Hilarys position.. she knew the 9/11 15th anniversary was important and even though she was unwell she bit the bullet and braved it out..
She stumbled for god sake anyone can do that.
She did not pass out etc.. That is not a feature of Pneumonia..But pain and shortness of breath is..

I would like to see a woman President also and on polling day, Cindy and I will be watching it together with interest.. There can be no good result really as we do not see enough choice of candidates.

Trump will be a far worse chocie so its the lesser of the two evils.. Imagine his finger on the button... OMFG that would be the end of life as we know it..

As to Angela Merkl well she bit off more than she could chew..over her 'Open Door'policy and she opened flood gates and this decison will end her political career. No wonder the Uk voted to leave the EU...

I hope voters use their heads as well as their hearts and look at the bigger picture and its Global effect.. USA cannot be the Marshal Dillon of the free world if
they have an Idiot in charge that no one will respct, ie someone who shoots first and asks questions afterwards.



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